September 16 | Online
Java meetup
For Middle and Senior
Java Developers
Speakers and moderator
Rahman Usta
Senior Software Developer at Luxoft
Emily Jiang
STSM, Liberty Cloud Native Architect and Advocate at IBM
Vitalii Korzh
Lead Software Developer at Luxoft
19:00 — 19:50
19:00 — 19:50
Emily Jiang
STSM, Liberty Cloud Native Architect and Advocate at IBM
Cloud-Native Application Development with MicroProfile
Ever wondered what is a Cloud Native Application? Is it a microservice or a monolith? Oh, it must be made for Cloud using Java? Ever wondered how to develop a Cloud-Native Application? Come to this session to find out about what making an application Cloud-Native and then learn how to build a Cloud-Native Application using the latest MicroProfile technologies (MicroProfile 4.1) such as Config, Fault Tolerance, Rest Client, JWT, Metrics etc. This session finishes with a live demo on developing Cloud-Native applications using MicroProfile 4.1 running on Open Liberty and deploying them on k8s.

The presentation is given in English.
19:50 — 20:40
19:50 — 20:40
Rahman Usta
Senior Software Developer at Luxoft
Project Loom - Scalable Concurrency with Virtual Java Threads
Loom is an OpenJDK project that aims to improve the programming model and developer experience in Java in terms of Concurrency and Threads. Virtual Threads aka. Fibers are newly designed threads that are lightweight - you can even create 1_000_000 Virtual threads, easy to use and scalable.In this presentation, we will talk about the Project Loom, and see how it works in code examples.


  • Project Loom
  • Fibers & Structured concurrency
  • How to create 1.000.000 Virtual threads
  • Blocking Operations and Virtual threads
  • Executor API changes
  • Async APIs vs Project Loom

The presentation is given in English.

20:40 — 21:00
20:40 — 21:00
Q&A Session
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Our passion is building resilient businesses, while generating new business channels and revenue streams, exceptional user experiences and modernized operations at scale.

Java is one of the leading technologies that Luxoft has to offer to provide large-scale solutions for a wide range of clients and business opportunities. Our solutions are to serve light banks, giants in the field of retail and international airlines.

Our biggest projects on Java

The client is an American multinational investment bank. Luxoft builds innovative technology products used for digital onboarding, global banking data processing, risk and liquidity management, and a line of investment products.

The client manages a number of successful Internet portals, through which you have accurately booked travel for yourself. The team is focusing on developing a new payment platform for the company's products. Advanced payment methods and heavy workloads for a system that processes more than $ 80 billion annually in 55+ currencies in more than 155 countries are a project rich in professional challenges.

The client is a transatlantic corporation, originally from the United Kingdom, which is one of the five largest retail companies. The Luxoft team is involved in the development of several systems at once: from internal platforms for HR to financial and solutions available to a wide range of customer users. The latest technologies based on microservice architecture are used in the work.

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